Music delivery formats are fantastic time capsules.  When I unearth items like old Sony Walkmans among the rubble of my kitchen junk drawer it is a reminder of how much we’ll tolerate to be entertained.  I even fondly remember hauling around giant boomboxes with double tape decks whilst mildly violating piracy laws with the creation of each “party mix”.  Those were the days….

Dave Muller’s beautiful stacks of albums, CD’s, and other acoustically focused paintings ROCK.

Gallery Representation: Dave Muller

Empty-Drum-Kit-3-K.M.-300-608x700 Empty-Drum-Kit-4-K.C.-300-603x700 Empty-Drum-Kit-5-J.B.-300-610x700davemuller3b (1) dm-b-2-00024_ Disneyland-Grace-Waiting-in-Line-for-Belles-Autograph-3 altogether-now Dave_Muller-Death_Disco-Install_5-072_smaller