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I don’t think it’s “news” that Nashville has become the latest “it” city.  You know you have arrived when your restaurant scene includes an “Austrian Schnitzel Bar” and 16 places to get a gourmet burger.  Downside: when you call most anywhere for a reservation a week ahead, your choices are 5:30 or 9:45.

Non-planners should be prepared to wait in line.

Happily, established galleries are setting up outposts here as well.  David Lusk, respected pied piper of all things art in Memphis, has opened  in the Wedgewood/Houston neighborhood (that’s near Greer Stadium to the uninitiated).   Tad Lauritzen Wright’s work is one of many you’ll find in the super cool space on Hagan Street.  Check out the current exhibit of works by Greely Myatt as well, particularly if you are drawn to sculpture.

Artist’s website: Tad Lauritzen Wright

Gallery website: David Lusk Gallery
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