Had to share with my readers as this post includes a video from my very favorite scene from the Carole Burnett showthe grand artist of comedy. My friend Laura Cooper’s blog, “No Real Plot” is a real treat so be sure to click to read the entire thing.  Enjoy!

No Real Plot.

Mother’s Day is coming.  And the blitz is on.


My inbox is crammed with gift guides.  These high-end hawkers must know what they’re talking about. Right? All that big-data firepower aimed at just one demographic, for just one Sunday in May?  Surely we can learn something deeply insightful here about women and desire.

So what do mothers want?

1.  We want pink purses.  Large or small.  Shell or fuchsia.  We want them to cost at least $1500, though if someone wants to spend up to $3000 and more, we’ll just have to accept that extra tribute to our mothering excellence.

2.  We want heavy gold bracelets that look like bridle bits. Here too, there’s room for variation, and our donors can use their own judgment, if they dare. Gucci recommends one for $7600.  True, that’s a lot of filial love, but then Gucci’s proposed pink purse only costs $1100. So there’s that.


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