Burberry bulldog

It is estimated there are over 400 million dogs in the world.  That’s an awful lot of puppy chow.  But if you ask me, they are the true model citizens and make all of us more humane to ONE ANOTHER.  Less ruff, if you know what I mean.

The Victorians (as in the era) started the whole “fashion breed” movement.  You can read more about the history HERE.

I’m excited to visit The Rymer Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee on April 4 because Herb Williams (of Crayola crayon fame) will be opening his new exhibition of a series of 15 different breeds of dogs paired with iconic fashion design.   Get your dog on.

Artist’s website:  http://www.herbwilliamsart.com

Rymer Gallery:  http://www.therymergallery.com

Coach Greyhound

Chanel poodle

Hermes Whippet

houndstooth hound

poodlecandid shot

Photo by Gai Phanalasy