Rod Stewardess 2

Rod Stewardess


Get your Photoshop on., the ultimate in online “learn anything” platforms, is here to help with a FREE course.  The metaphorlicious artist Hannah Rothstein (whom Artstormer has served up before) teamed up with Udemy, the “university for everyone” to create this series of photoshopped celebrity mashups spoofing some recognizable characters.

What might you do with just a few skilled clicks?

I’m an advocate for living a full life.  Invest in yourself by pursuing your work and your hobbies.   I  recommend an online exploration of your natural gifts at    From there you can make it actionable by taking some cool courses.   After all, it’s never too early or too late to discover your passions.  Be a life-long learner.


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Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton

Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton


judge judy jetson2

Judge Judy Jetson


Boy George Washington

Boy George Washington


MJ Pollock

MJ Pollock


And some more works by the good folk at Udemy:


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Googles Givenchy


Muhammad Ali G

Muhammad Ali


Udemy - Phelps 2

Michael Phelps “Great White”


Udemy - Dali

Salvador Dali “Whoopi”


Udemy - Abbey Road

Abbey Road Hot Dog Stand