With summer on the horizon, my husband and I went shopping  for some basic fishing gear.  The universe of choices is dizzying.  Being amateur anglers we were grateful for the help of 16 year old “Josh” at the tackle shop.  I see more untangling than actual fish in my future.

I am casting my lot with the work of Will Penny.  His work hooked me immediately with  complex angles and ethereal tones that seem to burst from the walls on which they are hung.  In his words, “There are some recurring motifs and aesthetics that keep popping up within some of the different mediums I work in, such as polygonal geometry, gradients, and floral motifs. I try my best to let each project evolve in response to the specific mediums being used or the space that the work is being designed for. Since so much of my work starts off in various software programs, I’d say there’s an aesthetic throughout that tries to marry my concerns regarding the medium of painting with new digital methods of sculpting, rendering, animating, and creating interactive content.”

Artist’s web site: www.willpenny.com

Gallery Representation: The Rymer Gallery