Parent Trap

Nashville has been particularly overcast this winter.  I’m sure all of the Los Angeles transplants are questioning their decision to relocated here, or at least investing in some Hunter boots.  I’m seeking therapy and have found the ultimate qualified provider.

Steven Rudin spent nearly twenty years as a psychiatrist before committing to his new career as an artist.  For Rudin, making art is like an emotional rehearsal process for problem solving in real life.  Energized by visuospatial challenges, he translates compositions from classical painting into the realm of collage.  Overall, his aim is to capture an imaginary moment; one filled with positive symbolism and boundless beauty.  In an age of unparalleled exposure to pictures, Rudin is interested in how countless glimpses of visual media become intertwined in our recollections and life story.

I’m imagining a beach right now…

Artist’s web site:


The Salon




Party in Patchogue



bar mitzfah noir

Mitzfah Noir

steve rudin

The Dollhouse


The artist: Steven Rudin