I enjoyed a studio visit last month with American Surrealist Richard (Duke) Hagerty.  Imbued with meaning and dripping with complexity, his works express tales of the subconscious.  Through meditation he allows the images to flow from mind to canvas with as little friction as possible.

Surrealism is having a moment in podcast land right now.  Last month my study club reviewed the series, Root of Evil about the 1940’s Black Dahlia crime case.   TRIPLE TRIGGER WARNING, this story is L U R I D….but at the same time fascinating as the suspected murderer was friends with the likes of Man Ray and a bunch of other players in the surrealist movement. Things go terribly wrong for many victims but the connection to artistic expression is inescapable.

Richard continues to plumb the depths of universal truth and and is currently on an exploration of fractals. If the concept of fractals and the Mandelbrot set are foreign to you, I encourage you to watch this DATED but fascinating video Enjoy the trip.

Artist web site:  Richard Hagerty

Movie on the Mandelbrot Set:





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