My daughter introduced me to a new book, The Home Edit, A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals (Includes Refrigerator Labels).  Meant as inspiration, it only served to increase my anxiety.  Without a doubt, a subset of us are living in a Container Store culture with bins, crates, and jars for every imaginable color-coded item.  I call it the “general store” look.

The counterpoint to our obsession with order may be found in our gardens – or at least in mine.  In springtime I’m greeted by new volunteer plants who have hopped from one side of the bed to another.  Sometimes I tame and remove them, but other times I see the wisdom of letting things go.

Artist Patrick Wilson strikes a balance between beauty and precision.  His work, however, does not include refrigerator labels.

Gallery Representation: Miles McEnery Gallery

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Patrick Wilson