You can just tell that Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t spent any time in the South.  It’s a shame, really.  For one thing, he would have figured out that we  have “friends”;  and we have “family”…. and there is a difference.  Where is   Now, that could be entertaining.  I’ll bet people wouldn’t be so nice there.  There’d be a lot more pokin’.

And another thing, why aren’t there more qualifiers for how we feel on Facebook?  The “like” button is for milquetoasts.  If we’re all “friends” then we should know each other well enough to take a stand!  Give us a “hate” button,  a “bless your heart” button, and maybe even a “WTF?” button!  (sorry mom)

When I saw Hunt Rettig’s work for the first time last weekend what I really wanted was a “love” button.  Peaceful and mesmerizing.

Gallery Representation: Dolby Chadwick Gallery and Plus Gallery