"Mubarak" - ubiquitous stencil found all over Cairo these days...underneath is the word "eer-hal" which means "get out". Courtesy of Read Ezell's excellent blog.

Souad Mardam Bey

The events in Egypt of the past week are solemn reminders that you should always invest in trip insurance.

I’m starting this post with a flippant comment to try to offer levity to an incredibly serious situation.  My heart goes out to Read Ezell and Andy Daily, two American friends who have been living and working in Cairo as teachers.  I’ll be interested to hear their account of the turmoil after things settle down.  For now, I am reading Read’s interesting blog, “Read Abroad“.

Today I feature the works of several Egyptian contemporary artists.  Through a little online research, I learned that Tache Art Gallery, had just opened its doors last week.  Their inagural show featured the work of Huda Lufti who is widely considered to be a leader on the Egyptian contemporary art scene.  Another gallery I discovered is called Safer Khan.  The names of the featured artists are noted below the images.  I hope to see their works in person someday.

The newly opened Tache Art Gallery in Cairo

Khaled Hafez

Huda Lutfi - "Democracy is Coming", 2008

Nazli Madkour

Souad-Mardam Bey

Samir Fouad

Huda Lutfi

Huda Lutfi

Recognized as one of the pioneers of Egyptian Contemporary art, Huda Lutfi