Castles in the Sand 30x20.jpg I cleaned out my closet in earnest on Monday.  I literally tried on every item of clothing and took a cold hard look in front of a 3-way mirror.  Harsh.  Gone are the pilled sweaters, worn purses, and dated business suits.  It’s a new day.  The sense of control is exhilarating.

Artist Michael Carson knows how to dress his models.  Nothing frumpy here.

Artist representation: Jones and Terwilliger Gallery

Its a Long Days Night 36x36.jpg Precariously Positioned 30x20.jpg Single Ladies 48x36.jpg Archdezart-Michael-Carson-2_1 tumblr_m80ebePOKE1rng0nxo2_500 michael_carson_RosietheFlowerGirl3636-500x5081